I know you will only heal what I reveal so I’m coming to you revealing every hurt in my heart. I need to lean on your understanding and not on my own. 

I now understand the reason I can’t forgive other people is because Im having a hard time forgiving myself…I know that all things will make sense in due time but during this season I beseech a sense of forgiveness and comfort. For myself and others.

Give me the courage and tenacity to weather the storms of life. Renew my mind. Relinquish fear. Mend my heart. Use me in a significant way. Mark me with purpose and impact. Allow me to become a solution to problems.

Thank you in all ways, always. 


O LORD my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me. – Psalm 30:2

8 thoughts on “Orison

  1. I don’t believe enough people understand that everything starts with oneself. It’s the hardest to encounter, to criticize and break down the good the bad and the ugly. Simply because we live in a society where looking at others is easier. My mother regardless of any situation would always ask what could i have done better. Taking time to self reflect to learn your flaws is wonderful but being able to admit them is truly one in a million. I enjoyed this read.


    1. Alisha,
      EVERYTHING starts with ourselves. We can’t give people what we don’t have! Self reflection is had because its self acceptance too! Thank you for reading and receiving this message.


  2. Praying is such a personal gesture and special way to communicate with God. i do believe that every pray is heard once from the heart, because God knows the contents of our heart, whether we choose to show it or not and our best interest is his interest. Your pray was very sincere, open, true and brave, thanks for sharing and praying us all ” I beseech a sense of forgiveness and comfort. For myself and others.” this line really stood out for me.

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