Good Friday

The Most High,

Grant me a mindset of abundance. Remind me daily to trust you to be you. Purify , correct, mend, and restore my heart. Allow me to remove and release all things that do not resonate with who I am, who I’m becoming. Protect my family and friends. Protect me from my family and friends. Allow my words and actions to align with what I believe and know to be true, you. Give me clarity of my mind and heart. Release me from my confusion. Grant me with wisdom, intentionality, direction, skill, understanding, and discernment. Make me doubtless. Give me the strength and confidence to go after EVERYTHING you have for my life. Protect me from distractions. Increase my faith. Increase my faith. Let my faith guide me. I thank you in abundance, for the things you’ve done and will continue to do in my life. Lead me to live a life of forgiveness. Allow me to learn from all things and use the lesson in the next dimension. Allow me to continue to set healthy boundaries. Rebuke depression, any and all wicked thoughts. Bring me comfort. Make me over. Make me who you’ve ordained me to be. Reposition me. Fill me. Overfill me with joy. Give me a blessed attitude, about all things. Thank you in all ways, always.


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