I think you can wake up and change your mind. About everything.

I think you can be whatever you want to be, even happy. Wake up and make a fucking decision.

Make the decision to walk away from everything draining you. Let her/him go. Stop talking to your dysfunctional ass family. Know that it’s okay for family members to be toxic and understand just because they’re family they may not mean you any good.

Stop letting people’s fears stop you from facing yours. Go after everything you want because…if you work hard enough, it’ll be yours one day.

End pointless friendships.

Make the decision to only have relationships in your life that nourish you. Only surround yourself with people that empower you.

Stand up for yourself. Face your traumas. Go to therapy. Save yourself from yourself.

Let somebody fucking love you.

They didn’t hurt you…the people in your past did.

Make the decision to start over. We never lived this day before and it can go anyway we want it.

You have complete control on how this day is going to go… more than you like to give yourself credit for. And it looks like a good day to have a great day.

Yesterday and last year is gone. Why are you still letting that dictate the way that you feel and how you’re allowing what has happened to direct your day?

Change your mind.

Love yourself, immensely.

Pray. Heal. Increase your faith. Let your faith guide you. Make peace with what hurt you. Forgive him. Forgive her. If you can fix a relationship, its worth a try. If not…Move on.  Be okay with that decision. Admit when you’re wrong. Give out the love you want to receive. Be the kind of person you want to meet.

Pray some more.

Have a good fucking day.

Have a happy life.

Play this in the car.

With an abundance of  love,

Melissa G💕

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