You ever watch a show on Netflix and right when you get to the good part the tv starts buffering? It gets your attention because you’re like “why would this happen, right now, right in the middle of my damn show?  It was just about to get to the good part” so you sit there ANNOYEDFollow me, I’m going somewhere with this. You wait for a few minutes to see if it’ll just fix itself…but it rarely just fixes itself. Now, you’re forced to take action. You have to get up from your comfortable spot, and figure out a way to restart the show or you restart the whole Netflix and start the entire show over.

It’s funny how when something we can control “buffers” we just figure it out, but when our life hits the buffering stage we just see it as all hell breaking loose…

Almost always when you seem to be at your highest peak or you “get what you want” you get interrupted. Life starts happening to you. It hits you life a wrecking ball. BOOM. You go from everything is going great to, everything is going great in this area BUT THIS OTHER AREA OVER HERE…


You ask why you? 

You have to re-examine what you’ve allowed to enter your life in the process. Something needs attention. You’re about to grow in an area you didn’t even know existed in your life. You learn new lesson, go to new levels, and on the way you pick up new devils.

Some things you think you want the most, hurt the most. 

Nothing is ever easy. People never talk about the rough times, we only want to share the glory but you know how the saying goes “no guts no glory.”

With every new level you enter in you life, just get ready for everything that comes with it. You’ll get everything you want out of life, I really do believe that. I just want you to know that you have to accept everything you’re asking for because [something] is coming with it. Don’t even try to convince your self with the “I don’t care” attitude. Figure this shit out. You do care. Stop lying about what you care about. If you need to cry, cry. Get it all out then


Instead of running from the buffering stage, ACCEPT IT. TTP ( Trust The Process). You can not escape Gods plan. You can’t say that things are Gods plan only in the good times neither. The pain, the heartbreak, and all of life’s difficulties are all apart of Gods plan. Experience is the best teacher. Some things you can’t learn from a book or from somebody telling you. Keep going. Everything that means the most to you will always get to a place of “buffering”. It all comes down to how you’re going to handle it. Either give up or keep going? Those are literally your only two options. You are where you’re supposed to be right now in your life. Find comfort in knowing you’ll never miss what is meant for you!

Change your perspective and instead of asking “why me?” ask “why not me?”. You may just be in route to your very best life. Everybody that’s meant to be in your will be there in that process. I guarantee it. There are no mistakes. Stop stressing yourself out. Get the help you need to get through what you’re going through. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You don’t have all the answer and you can’t do everything alone. Man is not meant to be alone! Go to therapy. Make self-care a priority.

Be willing to be rerouted.


Melissa G.

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