We all want our friends and family to be better. We want them to be more involved in our lives, more supportive, loving and the list goes on. We get so caught up in ourselves that we want everybody to reach out to us, include us in plans, and support us. We forget that everybody else is living their life and trying to make it their best life too. You have to stop taking things so personal. People are busy. You are busy. Why can’t other people be busy too? Nobody is intentionally saying “let me forget about him/her” (if they are then maybe you should consider that relationship because that’s weird but anyway). We have to get out of this selfish mentality and be a tad bit more understanding. It’s not just about you.  It’ll be healthier for all of our relationships. Our friends & family members are mothers, sisters, fathers, aunts, husbands, wives, daughters, etc! I won’t even throw in their career life, because at work people wear multiple hats and handle all kinds of task there. 


  I’m saying all of that to say, we are ALL more than just one thing. Life gets hectic for everybody. Everyone doesn’t know how to balance it all. Let’s be honest, balance is HARD. Work, social life, school, health, family life…and the list goes on! It’s like you’re being pulled at, in every single area of life. You might fall short in certain areas, I know I do. Just make sure it’s not always in the same area, every time. Balance and communication will fix almost anything. The next time you get upset because you haven’t heard from your friend or family member, call them. They have a life, just like you. Your life isn’t so much more important than theirs that they’re the only one who can reach out and make an honest effort. 

Just call your family members to say “I love you”. Anything helps. You don’t know what kind of day they might be having. We are all going through life and trying to be the best at whatever it is we decide to be. Be intentional. Be nicer to people and let go of petty grudges! Life is happening, it’ll be easier if we were all more understanding and loving to one another. 

What are some things you can do to make life better for you and those connected to you? How can you be a better __________________ (FILL IN THE BLANK) today and moving forward? 

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