A few things some men might not know.

  1. If you see a woman, alone, don’t aggressively approach her!!!! Even if she isn’t alone, it could be a few women, you don’t have to be aggressive. It’s not attractive, it’s scary. You don’t understand how uncomfortable that makes us feel. If she says “I have a boyfriend”, that’s just that. No, she doesn’t need any friends. No, you can’t be her friend. Nope, she doesn’t want your number “just in case”, either. DON’T WALK UP ON ME. It makes women extremely uncomfortable. Every time I hear “AYE” or “CUSE ME”, I cringe on the inside. That’s not how you talk to anyone. You do not get people’s attention like that, especially a woman. 
  2. If a woman tells you she isn’t interested, she is not playing hard to get. She really isn’t. She doesn’t like you. 
  3. If  a woman asks you a detailed question, she already knows the answer. She just wants to see if you’re going to lie. So, stop lying. 
  4. Whenever a woman says “I find it funny”, there is actually nothing funny coming after that statement.  

Just a few quick tips.

Seriously though, number one is so important. Stop doing that shit. Learn how to talk to people and respect their answers. 

6 thoughts on “A few things some men might not know.

  1. My husband and I have been talking about this lately because of the “me too” campaign. He’s irritated that all of a sudden all these women are coming out with their sexual Harassment stories and “pilling on the man hate”. I told him he doesn’t get to be irritated with it. He’s a big white man. He’s the top of the food chain. That pissed him off. He said “so you’re telling me that every single woman out there has been sexually harassed” and I said YES!! And then I told
    Him things he’s never known about my life in bars and being out. Men need to keep their hands and aggressive language to themselves and start finding a new way. Women in 2017 are different and they need to catch wise. Xoxo😘

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    1. Yes!!! It really has gotten to a point women don’t feel like their voice will be heard because it gets swept under the rug. It is all too common! It shouldn’t be, at all! Thank you for sharing and thank you for reading 😘


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