“girl you ain’t crazy, you’re just depressed”

This is it.


-bad days. we all have them, but what happens when you start to have too many? Recognizing that you know who you are better than anyone else, so you would know if something is bothering you, right? You cannot put your finger on it, but you know something is off, mentally especially. You begin to feel different, you begin to notice that you continuously have a great deal of sadness, and you are not even sure why; but as each day passes, you put those intense sad emotions on the back burner, because you were taught “everything will be okay,” “women are suppose to be strong” or the infamous “you got this!” But you see, sometimes WE DON’T HAVE IT! However, each, and every day, you put a smile on that beautiful face because how can you even explain to anyone whats bothering you, when you don’t even know yourself…

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