Conflict of Interest

Conflict is an important and unavoidable part of being in any relationship. More times than not we try to avoid conflict at all cost. When we actually should address conflict as soon as possible. In the heat of the moment would probably be the worst time because we’re emotionally ruled. We “get in our feelings”. I hear people say this and they think its funny, but no, people really are often in their feelings. Feelings paralyze you, they impair your thinking, and you’re irrational, reactive, and quick to respond. Speaking while you are emotioinal can move you in a direction where you don’t need to go. Sometimes we tend to go off impulse and can’t even describe how we feel, we just know the easiest emotion “mad”. When in reality we are feeling hurt, frustrated, scared, hopeless, or any other negative emotion there is. Being mad and not addressing our issues/conflict usually works for us 0% of the time. It’s easier for me to talk about something once I’ve rationalized and tried to take myself out of the equation and see things from a different standpoint. People let conflict linger too long and instead of talking to the person they have the issues with, they talk to everybody else. When you harbor ill feelings you can become bitter. A root of bitterness will defile you. Not speaking on issues also works out 0% of the time. If you go directly to the source, you cut all of the “he said”, “she said”, and “I heard” out of the equation. The best time to go to the source is when you’ve stepped outside of your emotions and you’re in a rational, calm, and level-headed space. Sometimes people do so much damage by talking to other people. Words and conversations are now twisted and told from a different viewpoint and just like the game Chinese telephone, the original message is never what was originally said. Life has a way of teaching you different lessons, just have to be willing to learn. Unfortunately there isn’t a universal language we all use when resolving conflict and you may never see eye to eye with someone. Expecting people to handle situations as you would will leave you in a perpetual state of disappointment….you can at least try. Just living and learning as I go…

6 thoughts on “Conflict of Interest

  1. I agree! That’s why I say the best thing to do is vent to God during that time instead of venting to people. He doesn’t tell your business nor judge. A clear mind is a sound mind.

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  2. My friends and I try to use Matthew 18:15-17 as a guideline. After getting our emotions in check, we first talk to the person and attempt to make our points clearly while doing our best to find out what the other person is thinking. If that doesn’t work, we enlist an unbiased, trustworthy person to help us work through the issues.

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    1. That sounds like a great idea and it’s awesome that you all can come together to do that. That takes a lot to do. Especially when pride is in the picture some people never want to admit when they’re wrong. Moving forward I’m willing to try this out, thank you!


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