A lot of people don’t know how to maintain relationships, they don’t understand the importance of them. Not just the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, I’m speaking on all interpersonal relationships. Examine your relationships. Is there reciprocity? Any relationship without reciprocity will not last.

Sometimes people only love you when you’re doing what they want you to do. The moment you don’t come through the way they think you should, they walk away. You can not have a friendship/relationship to use and or manipulate people. There is no intimate safe feeling. When those people leave, let them go. Just because someone is your friend/partner they aren’t obligated to do everything you want them to do. If you feel like every relationship you have is disposable, that speaks volumes about the value of your time.

If you aren’t willing to work through conflict in friendships/relationships, you don’t deserve to have them. If you don’t learn how to maintain relationships you won’t make it. All relationships have conflict but, people don’t want to stay in tough situations. You need someone who’ll stay with you through hell and high water. They understand this is apart of the process. When you’re wrong you have to be okay with that sometime. Unwillingness to apologize when you know you’re wrong is the ultimate sign of selfishness. You can’t apologize then say “but”, either. Anytime you say “but”, it cancels out the first statement. Not only is it childish and immature, but it’s extremely disrespectful and unfair to your friend/partner. If you’re too good to apologize then the only person you really care about is you. Maybe you aren’t a good friend…examine yourself.

A friend is not nice to you all the time and everybody nice to you is not your friend. A real friend should be able to tell you the truth. Your friends are not your yes man. Your friend should be able to tell you the absolute truth. Friendships should challenge you, encourage you, and move you forward. Your relationship should mean more to you than your pride. Relationship is critical. Faithful are the wounds of a friend…

8 thoughts on “Friend? 

    1. You aren’t crazy. It has happened to me. It honesty broke my heart, it hurts, but it’s life. People are going to disappoint you. You never really know. Still be a great person because life goes on, ya know.


  1. This resonates with me 🙂 Just let go of a long term friendship due to my sincerity being questioned . Ima ride or die if i invest with you but iv let go of so many friendships because i know what i offer, and i know im not wasting my time, and im not going to Ride and die with you. I like your perspective .

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      1. I know but i realize thats their issue they need to deal within themselves I always say i will never prove my friendships. Check out my perspective on friends on my blog if you have time 🙂

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