We have to stop meeting like this…

One thing that’s guaranteed to each and every one of us in this life is death. Yet we are never really prepared for it. It hurts us no matter who it is, how it happens, or how it comes. I think the worst part about death is the guilt. Almost always, we often think of what we wish we could’ve done or said…when its far too late. Start doing and saying those things with the people you love now, because you might not have the time later. If you think about someone, call them or just go see them. We never know when it will be last time we are going to see or speak to someone so stop leaving things on bad terms.Life goes on, with or without your grudge. No one is ever prepared for death because you now have to learn how to live without this person…but while you are living with them in life; make it count. Do right by people. Make sure you always tell people how you feel. Just call somebody and tell them you love them. Life is rough but there’s always good in it. Stop having so much guilt when your friends and family members die, just start being intentional. Live life abundantly. Don’t be so near to death yet so far from God….

Everybody knows that death is unavoidable but nobody thinks about it if it is not close yet-Aristotle

8 thoughts on “We have to stop meeting like this…

  1. Ugh! Death. NOT my favorite subject. But I don’t know if anyone is walking around saying it is. But seriously, it scares the ever living out of me. My best friend’s father is head of pastoral care at a hospital. He started out being a pastor provinding end of life support to patients and families. I just can’t imagine having the strength to be around death everyday. I try so hard to remind myself of this. How can we stop getting so wrapped up in our own lives and enjoy the time we have with people in our lives. 😒

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