Hey, you.

What will bring you peace? What keeps you up at night? Well, why aren’t you making that happen in your life? Are you happy with the way your life is right now? Well, why not? The same time you spend complaining about it, you could be doing something about this.What are you committed to? Please don’t say you, it can’t be to yourself because you would be doing the very thing that brings you fulfillment, right now. What are you afraid of? Who are you trying to impress? More importantly why are you trying to impress anyone other than yourself? What are your habits? What exactly are they costing you? What’s your passion, do you even know? What’s your purpose? Who do you help? Whose life do you make better? Figure all of these things out. I beseech you. Write out these questions. Answer them honestly. Make a plan from there. Commit to yourself. What are you waiting for? Please don’t say “the right time”. Find your bliss. If “it” doesn’t work out the first time around, I urge and insist you to find another way. Make it happen, for you. Whether you do “it” or not, the time will pass anyway. 

6 thoughts on “Hey, you.

  1. I love this writer she is so transparent with the words in these blogs. She keeps my attention while reading and also help me reflect on myself which make me ask and answer life questions that haven’t crossed my mind. Thank you for blessing us with these words. Continue to be a vessel with your words.

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  2. As I read this at 1:30 in the morning becsuse I can’t sleep…I think I need to answer some of these questions. It’s sometimes hard to be satisfied with the daily choices. I heard a great thought today; there is no “balanced life” (no right time) it’s all sacrifice and what you’re willing to sacrifice. You can complain but when the fix is “what are you willing to sacrifice” and you have nothing then nothing will change. Sacrifices and finding passions takes vulnerability and I sometimes struggle with both. Thanks for the late night thoughts!

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    1. I agree! What you value determines what you’ll sacrifice. Your life is a reflection of what you think and what you value. We are all figuring this thing out. You’re welcome Amy, thank you for reading.


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