Do you know your child’s teacher?

A mentality of death originates from feelings of nothingness and hopelessness. Only self-awareness can prevent the nothingness and give rise to hope. Self-awareness must be taught. A mentality of death must also be taught. The power to miseducate and kill or educate and let live comes with whomever does the teaching. Everyday in America, one group of children is being taught a death mentality while another group is being taught a productive life mentality. This insert comes from a book “Kill them before they Grow” by Michael Porter. This book is a must read, along with seeing “Get Out”. The combination of the book and the movie has my mind all over the place. Anyway. Do you know your child’s teacher?

This is the person who your child spends more time  with than they do with you. Being in education, seeing the amount of parent participation, or lack there of, is alarming and disheartening. Some parents do not even know their child’s teachers name. I am not a parent, so do not bash me I’m only speaking from my personal experience as a teacher. This year I have grades 4,7, and 8 ELA reading intervention. This brings me to about 80 students, that I see and spend time with every single day. I can honestly say I’ve had a conversation with 10 parents, through out this whole year. When I call home to let parents know about an issue of the child, they are upset with me. How can you be upset because i’m calling you for the well-being of your child….AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW MY NAME. What message is this sending?  Needless to say, now I don’t even find it necessary to call home because I know if I leave a message, the call wont be returned, or the frustration will be taken out on me for just trying to keep parents updated about the progress and behaviors of their child. How is me letting you know your child is on grade level irritating to you? It’s beyond me, but one thing I’ve gained over the past three years is PATIENCE.

A week ago I was getting off the express way and saw one of my 4th grade students on the bus stop, the school was right down the street, and she looked so cold so I didn’t hesitate to offer her a ride. She was so happy, then she said her mom was right with her. I gave them both a ride. This 5 minute ride bothered me more than anything because not once did this parent ask me who I was. She didn’t have a conversation with me. She didn’t even know I was her child’s teacher. As we parked in the school parking lot and got out the car the student gave me the biggest hug and the parent said thank you and just walked away.

“A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.”

I’ll probably be that parent who “does too much”. I will be volunteering in my child’s classroom, I will observe how my child’s teachers treats and talks to my child and other students. I will need to know the content in which is being taught to my child. This is shaping them in every way! In no way am I discrediting any parent or trying to say anything other than I wish things were different, better. Parents need to be more involved. Ask your child what they learned today, actually see how their day was. This is not happening everywhere and I wish it was. These kids are crying out, hurting, they just want somebody to care. If they see their parents do not care about their education…why would they??? I do not have all of the solutions or answers. I know, life is life, we all have work, some have more than one child, I also know it’s just as important to me to know who is raising a child. Just a few thoughts from a little teacher.

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