Not sure yet..

 I don’t have a name for this…But I know we need to stop hurting each other. Physically and emotionally. The physical is obvious so I want to focus more on the emotional portion of hurt. Vulnerability causes all emotional pain. It opens you up. It makes you illogical. It gives other people permission to hurt you…intentionally or unintentionally. Love allows people to hurt you. Love opens the door to mistrust, disappointment, unforgiveness, agony, betrayal, pride, and resentment. Love changes you….for better and for worst. It causes you too much pain. Some say, love hurts. Pain changes everything. You don’t view people the same after the pain. You question everybody around you because you question love, on every level. Think to yourself “how could someone who LOVES me, hurt me so bad”. You think everyone is out to hurt you after that. So you build an emotional wall, a wall similar to the Great Wall of China. You try to stop anything that could possibly feel like love. You’ve experienced love before, at its highest peak, but you don’t even care to give it another try…because love also took you to a dark place. Broke your heart, you felt the physical heart ache, because it hurt that bad. We say hurtful things and forget words are one thing in life we can never take back. Hurtful words linger. The phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones but words could never hurt me”, could be the farthest thing from the truth. Not only is the emotional pain caused from verbal abuse real, but it is more damaging and lasting than physical pain. We should use our words to uplift, not damage. Back to the main event, pain, this pain took you somewhere you never want to revisit, lower than zero. So you stop looking for love…because you think it’s going to end in the worst way. So, at this point, it’s fuck love. We think we should go on with this mentally. So we end up causing people the same exact pain we are trying to avoid, because they want love. We don’t make it clear we are avoiding it, and signals get crossed. You do the same thing you don’t want done to you, and don’t even realize it. As if we don’t know how unbearable that pain was. We have to stop hurting each other. In every kind of relationship. We know where pain has taken us, yet we still take other people there. What can we do to stop this cycle. We need to love more, be completely honest with each other, and improve these bonds. In the end one thing we can all agree on is we want to be loved. We need to stop acting like we don’t. We want everybody to be genuine, forgiving, and love us beyond words. Yet, we fail to do that with our family, friends, and partners. We are all living our lives together, with our family, friends, children, coworkers. We should want all of these encounters to be pleasant. Just a few random thoughts. Let’s commit to learning how to let go of anger/hurt and leave it behind so that we don’t infect our future relationships. We just have to stop hurting each other…

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